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Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 0.580 Ribbed Golf Grips


The Tour Velvet BCT is the next generation of Golf Pride’s highly successful cord grip. Brushed Cotton Technology (BCT) is a major breakthrough in cord grip manufacturing. The Tour Velvet BCT is constructed with tighter-weave cotton twill fiber that offers great traction and all-weather performance, but with new improved feel for the ultimate in comfort.Vise is required to install grips.

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The Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 0.580 Ribbed Golf Grip is a premium grip designed for golfers who want to enhance their game with superior grip performance. The ribbed texture on the grip provides enhanced traction and control, especially in wet or humid conditions. The BCT (Brushed Cotton Technology) Cord technology also helps improve grip stability and durability, allowing you to maintain a consistent grip and feel throughout your swing.

The grip’s core is made of rubber, which provides a soft, comfortable feel while also absorbing shock and reducing vibrations. The outer layer is made of a brushed cotton cord material, which provides excellent moisture management and a non-slip surface for superior grip.

The 0.580″ ribbed size is ideal for golfers who prefer a slightly larger grip with a tapered shape to promote a light grip pressure, which helps to reduce tension and improve swing speed. Additionally, the ribbed design offers a consistent and comfortable hand placement for maximum control and accuracy.


Model # Weight Grip Size Core Size Grip Shape UPC
RE139-001 52.5 Standard 0.580″ Round 760151300274


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