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  • Acer Velocity 45 Graphite Wood Golf Shafts

    The Acer Velocity 45 is a super lightweight shaft at an amazing price featuring a mid-launching design with a stable tip section for more speed and distance. With a raw length of 45”, the beauty of this design is that it does not require any trimming at all to achieve a super light / super long driver for maximum speed and distance while maintaining normal swing weights as well as various other applications for players who simply want a lighter overall club.

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  • Aerotech Gener8 Graphite Iron Golf Shafts

    Featuring a unique Seamless Filament Wound (SFW) Core Technology with a higher elastic composite micro-fiber outer veil, Gener8 graphite iron shafts delivers maximum distance without sacrificing control. The outer veil maintains the shafts uniformity and delivers consistency in all planes around the circumference of the shaft…setting it apart from other lightweight graphite iron shafts.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a special-order item and is dependent on a manufacturer availability. Please allow additional processing and shipping time.

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  • Aldila NV 105 Taper Tip Graphite Iron Golf Shafts

    The Aldila NV 105 Taper Tip Iron features Aldila’s exclusive Micro Laminate Technology. This innovation offers players enhanced performance and feel. The consistent taper and slim profile produces a shaft with consistent performance, flex and feel throughout the length of the shaft while eliminating the dull, boardy feel of other shafts on the market.

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  • Apollo 36″ Stepless Steel Black Putter Shaft

    Looking to create one cool putter? The Apollo Black Putter Shaft will transform your putter into one stunning, stealth golf club. This standard length (36″) matte black steel shaft features a stepless design for that high-end look. Fits putter heads requiring a 0.370″ straight shaft.

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  • Apollo 36″ Stepless Steel Putter Shaft

    Standard length (36″) straight putter shaft with stepless design for that high-end look. Fits putters requiring 0.370″ straight shafts.

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  • Apollo 36″ Stepped Steel Putter Shaft

    Standard length (36″) straight putter shaft. Stepped steel pattern. Our best value! Fits putters with a 0.370″ hosel.

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  • Apollo 75° Single Bend Curved Putter Shaft

    The Apollo Single bend putter shaft fits putters with 90 degree socket or post to create a 75 degree lie angle and without offset. This shaft works with either RH or LH putter heads.

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  • Apollo Acculite 75 Steel Iron Golf Shafts

    The Acculite 75 represents the latest in sub ultra-lightweight technology. This is a full 10 grams lighter than the Acculite 85 and geared more toward those who have a smoother tempo to produce the greatest club head speed possible with a steel shaft. The Acculite 75 is the perfect alternative to graphite in terms of weight, yet produces the consistency long associated with steel shafts.

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  • Apollo Acculite 95 Steel Iron Golf Shafts

    The Acculite 95 is yet another high-performance lightweight steel shaft from Apollo, but don’t let the more traditional step pattern fool you. This shaft delivers an astonishing blend of balance, control and feel. In what might be the most popular weight in the series this shaft possesses enough difference in weight between standard weight shafts to noticeably swing with less effort, yet not so light that it could sacrifice any control.

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