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Golf Pride CPx Jumbo Golf Grip


Golf Pride has made their softest performance grip yet. Developed with their EXO Diamond-Quilted pattern innovation, the new CPX grip will comfort your hands and your mind. It also features Golf Pride’s Plus 4 technology providing a larger lower hand for lighter grip pressure and more power.

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The Golf Pride CPx Jumbo Golf Grip is designed to provide golfers with a comfortable and secure grip. The grip features a new high-performance material called Control Core Technology that is engineered to reduce torque and increase control. The grip also features a soft, tacky feel that provides a comfortable grip, even in wet conditions. The CPx Jumbo grip has a larger diameter than standard grips, providing additional cushioning and support for the hands. This can help reduce hand fatigue during long rounds or practice sessions. The grip is also available in a range of colors, allowing golfers to customize the look of their clubs. Overall, the Golf Pride CPx Jumbo Golf Grip is an excellent choice for golfers who want a comfortable and secure grip that can help improve their game.

Model # Weight Grip Size Core Size Grip Shape UPC
RE228 66 Jumbo 0.600″ Round


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