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Avon Chamois Blue Standard – 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle


The Original Chamois design with its innovative Air Cushioned Absorption System is preferred by golfers in need of arthritic relief.

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The Avon Chamois Blue Jumbo 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle is designed to provide golfers with a comfortable and durable grip for their clubs. The blue color adds a stylish touch to the clubs. The jumbo size is suitable for golfers who prefer a thicker grip, which can help reduce grip pressure and fatigue during long rounds.

The Avon Chamois grip is made of a proprietary compound that provides a soft, tacky feel and good traction, even in wet conditions. The material is also resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the grip lasts for a long time. The pattern of the grip is designed to provide consistent traction and feel throughout the swing, improving accuracy and control.

The bundle comes with 13 grips, as well as grip tape, solvent, and a vise clamp, making it easy to install the grips at home. The installation process is straightforward and can be completed with basic tools. Golfers can save money and time by installing the grips themselves instead of taking their clubs to a professional shop.

Model # Weight Grip Size Core Size Grip Shape UPC
GB13RA42 48 Standard 0.580″ Ribbed 852674719111


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