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Avon Chamois Blue Jumbo – 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle


The Original Chamois design with its innovative Air Cushioned Absorption System is preferred by golfers in need of arthritic relief.

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Avon Chamois Blue Jumbo is a popular golf grip that is perfect for players who prefer a larger grip size. This grip bundle comes with 9 pieces of Avon Chamois Blue Jumbo golf grips, which can be easily installed on your golf clubs. The Avon Chamois grip is made of a proprietary blend of materials that provide a soft and comfortable feel while also ensuring excellent traction.

The grip is designed with a unique diamond pattern that maximizes grip control and minimizes slipping, making it ideal for players who want a firm grip on their clubs. The larger size of the Jumbo grip helps to reduce grip pressure and increase swing speed, providing greater accuracy and distance on shots.

In addition to the 9-piece grip bundle, this Avon Chamois Blue Jumbo grip kit also comes with tape, solvent, and a vise clamp, providing everything you need to quickly and easily install the grips on your clubs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Avon Chamois Blue Jumbo golf grip bundle is an excellent choice to improve your game.

Model # Weight Grip Size Core Size Grip Shape UPC
GB09RA50 65 Jumbo 0.600″ Ribbed


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