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Avon Chamois Black Jumbo – 25 Piece Golf Grip Bundle


The Original Chamois design with its innovative Air Cushioned Absorption System is preferred by golfers in need of arthritic relief.

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The Avon Chamois Black Jumbo 25 Piece Golf Grip Bundle is a comprehensive package of high-quality golf grips designed for golfers who prefer a larger grip size. The bundle includes 25 Avon Chamois Black Jumbo golf grips, 48 pieces of grip tape, and a 32 oz bottle of grip solvent. The kit also comes with a vise clamp, which makes it easy to install the grips on your clubs.

The Avon Chamois Black Jumbo golf grip is made from a proprietary synthetic rubber material that provides a comfortable, tacky feel and excellent grip in all weather conditions. The grip features a distinctive horizontal ribbed pattern that provides maximum traction and control, and a soft, cushioned feel that reduces shock and vibration for improved comfort.

The Chamois Black Jumbo grip is larger than a standard grip, making it ideal for golfers with larger hands or those who prefer a more relaxed grip. The grip measures 11 inches in length and has a core size of 0.600 inches, which is compatible with most standard-sized shafts.

Model # Weight Grip Size Core Size Grip Shape UPC
GB25RA07-001 65 Jumbo 0.600″ Ribbed 852674723019


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