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Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Golf Shafts


Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Iron Shafts are excellent all-purpose steel shafts designed to fit those golfers seeking an ultralight shaft yet have more of a quick tempo or aggressive swing. The shaft’s lightweight design and mid ball flight enhance playability without sacrificing performance. Get tight dispersion, low torque, and the longer raw length shaft gives clubmakers options especially for players who need longer length clubs.

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The Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Golf Shafts are designed for golfers who are seeking a lightweight and responsive shaft option. The shafts are constructed with high-quality steel materials that offer a balanced combination of strength and flexibility, making them ideal for players of all skill levels.

The Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Golf Shafts feature a mid-kick point that helps to promote a high launch and a soft landing, which is ideal for golfers who are looking to maximize their distance and accuracy. Additionally, the shafts have a low-torque design that helps to reduce twisting during the swing, resulting in greater consistency and control.

One of the key benefits of the Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Golf Shafts is their lightweight design, which weighs in at just 98 grams. This lightweight construction helps to increase swing speed and generate more power and distance on every shot. Additionally, the lightweight design helps to reduce fatigue during long rounds, allowing golfers to maintain their focus and performance throughout the day.

Model # Weight Flex Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Raw Length Ball Flight Parallel Tip Trim Code UPC
APMSP-001-IRS 105 R/S 0.600″ 0.370″ Parallel 42″ Mid 11″ R:_IH18 / S:_IH21 852674727680


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