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Apollo Junior Steel Golf Shafts


The Apollo Junior is a great steel shaft for junior golf clubs. Economically priced, the more flexible design is perfect for younger golfers. The 0.500″ butt diameter fits most junior grips. Available for both woods and irons.

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The Apollo Junior Steel Golf Shafts are designed specifically for younger golfers who are looking to improve their game. These golf shafts are constructed from high-quality steel and are designed to provide excellent performance and durability, making them an excellent choice for junior golfers of all skill levels.

The Apollo Junior Steel Golf Shafts are lightweight and easy to swing, which is important for younger golfers who may not have developed their strength and technique fully yet. The shafts also feature a flex rating that is optimized for junior golfers, ensuring that they can achieve optimal distance and accuracy with each swing.

The Apollo Junior Steel Golf Shafts are compatible with a wide range of iron heads and grip options, allowing young golfers to customize their clubs to their individual preferences. The shafts also feature a sleek, classic chrome finish that adds a touch of style to any junior golfer’s clubs.

Model # Weight Flex Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Raw Length Ball Flight Parallel Tip Trim Code UPC
APMJR500-001-I 102 Junior 0.500″ 0.370″ Parallel 35″ High 11.75″ IH6 852674727628
APMJR500-001-W 107 Junior 0.500″ 0.335″ Parallel 40″ High 12.88″ W1 852674727635

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Apollo Junior Steel Shaft

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